About Swiss Precision Active

Swiss Precision Active is an Eco Health design and manufacturing brand fusing technology, style, comfort, and fit for medical scrubs, uniform, and accessories markets. We solve complex apparel and consumer product problems with a customer health, environmental, and sustainable approach to applying high-tech performance fabric from the weave to the finishes with our textiles.

The Swiss Precision logo is a trademark in Switzerland, allowing us to bring innovations, craftsmanship, high-quality, and unique designs that surpass the customer expectations. Hence, why the Swiss cross with over 100 years of excellence has stood up to its reputation as the best in the world. Swiss Precision Active has followed this formula and mantra.

The Swiss Precision Active brand stands for excellence in design. We approach design as an art form and as a way of life for our customers. The products we have developed under “Swiss Precision Active” provide a level of exactness, care and strict feature sets that are “like no other”.

The symbol speaks for itself; high quality material usage, top-notch craftsmanship, to the final touches of unique elements that defines the product. We take pride in providing you a product that aligns with your lifestyle.

We have designed product lines that present a rare combination of integrity, innovation, and state of the art look and feel that is fresh to this every changing landscape.

Enjoy the “Swiss Precision Active” products as they enhance your life.