Why Copper? CopperActive™ Eco Health Antimicrobial Fabric

The new standard of medical apparel that is Eco Health for you and the planet.

CopperActive™ is comprised of 55% cotton, 40% embedded copper-nylon, and 5% spandex, CopperActive™ employs a unique patented fabric structure with embedded copper and offers exceptional wicking performance.

The embedded copper within the garment never wash out and is designed to last a lifetime. Our distinctive weave retains its shape, elasticity, and support. This quality approach gives you the full benefits of its properties while ensuring that the garment colors remain vibrant for as long as you own our products.

Our patented elongated “X-shape” fiber structure increases the gap between individual strands of yarn, facilitating a 4-way capillary action that swiftly disperses and dries your body’s moisture. Exclusive to our products, this fiber design also minimizes the contact points between skin and fabric, reducing moisture on the skin and enhancing comfort.

Unlike other materials, CopperActive™ feels softer, lighter, and smoother. It's also more resistant to wrinkling and riding up, making it perfect for active applications and extended periods of wear.

Copper is Nature's Antimicrobial Sterilizer

Copper serves as a natural sterilizer. CopperActive™ textiles have been rigorously tested by SGS and Accugen labs, global leaders in textile fabric antimicrobial microbiological testing. Their reports confirm that CopperActive™ reduces 99.9% of bacteria and inhibits their growth. The copper embedded in our materials has been proven to reduce the presence of Staphylococcus Aureus and Klebsiella Pneumonia within 24 hours. These bacteria are notably prevalent in hospitals, medical centers, nursing homes, and even school uniforms.

Benefits of Copper

Copper is a natural element that is an essential micro-nutrient to ensure the well-being of all aerobic life forms. It plays a vital part in the development and performance of the human nervous and cardiovascular systems, as well as the skin, bone, immune and reproductive systems, including gene transcription.

Copper has long been known by doctors to assist the transportation of oxygen through the bloodstream and is used in our products to aid in the relief of muscle pain, soreness, and rehabilitation.

Copper also possesses significant antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities, with tests suggesting that copper can reduce the spread of common bacteria such as e-coli and MRSA.

We invite you to follow the link below to the Copper Development Association's website. The CDI is an international network of 27 industry associations, including New York’s ICA, Brussels ECI, and the British Standards Institution. Supported with studies made by globally recognized institutions, universities, and associations, here you can read up on copper’s superior technical performance and contribution to a higher quality of life.


High-Performance Wicking

Ever removed a garment to find that it is soaked in sweat? Or struggle to pull your shirt over your head because it is clinging to your sweat-soaked body?

The patented unique ‘X-shape’ fiber structure creates a capillary effect that quickly wicks moisture away from the body and distributes it over a wider area – maximizing contact with air to accelerate drying time.

Because CopperActive™ dries more quickly the fabric is less prone to wrinkling and riding, remaining comfortable to wear in all conditions.


Antimicrobial copper is a highly effective touch surface material acting as a natural sterilizer and reduces 99.9% of bacteria within 24 hours of exposure.

Our patented 55% cotton, 40% embedded copper-poly, and 5% spandex in our CopperActive™ fabric composition, combined with our accelerated wicking, means that our garments offer a high level of reduction and growth against bacteria.

Odor-resistant and UPV30+

Body odor occurs when bacteria start to break down the acids found in body sweat. The combination of CopperActive™ fabric's antibacterial qualities with ultra-effective wicking to keep the skin dry means that unpleasant odors are neutralized to leave our clothing fresh and odorless after use.

In addition, our patented fabric structure with 45% copper content provides high levels of protection from harmful UV rays with a protection factor of 30+, allowing you to wear CopperActive™ garments all day long with confidence.