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At Swiss Precision Active, we pride ourselves on pioneering advancements that not only elevate the standards of medical apparel, accessories, and uniforms and many other industries that CopperActive™ can be used, but also resonate with our holistic ethos. Our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community is deeply embedded in our patented technology, as evidenced by US Patent Number 10,266,969.

Our patented method introduces a groundbreaking approach to yarn-making. By embedding water-insoluble nanoparticles of electrolytic copper within a polymer, we've crafted fibers with a distinctive “X”-shaped cross-section. When spun together, these fibers culminate in a yarn that's not just a testament to craftsmanship but also a beacon of antimicrobial prowess.


But why copper? Copper, an element deeply rooted in the Earth, has long been recognized for its antimicrobial properties. By harnessing the power of copper and integrating it into the very DNA strand of our fabric materials, we've created a textile that's not only resistant to bacteria but also champions the values of Earth-consciousness, sustainability, and holistic living. This is not just fabric; it's a statement—a blend of nature's brilliance with Swiss Precision Active's innovative spirit.

Our patented fabric is a harmonious blend of high-performance and mindfulness. It's designed for the modern medical professional—a nod to their relentless spirit and dedication. Lightweight, durable, and with unparalleled antimicrobial properties, our fabric ensures that doctors, nurses, and frontline workers are equipped with apparel that complements their demanding roles, all while making no compromises on style and comfort.

In essence, Swiss Precision Active's patented technology is more than just a testament to our innovative prowess. It's a reflection of our commitment to empowering individuals, fostering community, and championing a lifestyle that's in harmony with nature.

Sources: US 10,266,969 B2


A method of making yarn is disclosed. A plurality of fibers is obtained by preparing a slurry of polymer mixed with water insoluble nanoparticles of electrolytic copper, and extruding the slurry through a spinneret that includes a plurality of holes which impart a generally “X” - shaped cross - section to the plurality of fibers. The plurality of fibers is spun together to form the yarn.


Summary of the Patent

This patent is about a special kind of fabric that has antimicrobial properties, which means it can help prevent the growth of bacteria. The fabric is made by combining copper-based yarns with synthetic fiber yarns. The copper-based yarns are made by spinning fibers that have tiny particles of copper embedded in them. These fibers have a special "X" shape. The fabric made from these yarns is smoother, lighter, and more resistant to wrinkles and pilling than regular fabric. It can also reduce the number of bacteria that come into contact with it. This fabric can be used to make clothes that are more comfortable and hygienic.



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