Comprehensive Care Instructions for CopperActive™ Eco Health Fabric

Question: How should I care for CopperActive™ Eco Health material?

Answer: First turn inside-out, and to ensure the longevity and performance of your CopperActive™ products, we recommend the following care instructions:

Color Preservation:

  • Machine Wash Cold with Like Colors: First turn inside-out, use cold water which is gentle on the fabric, preventing color bleeding and reducing the risk of shrinkage. It also conserves energy, aligning with the Eco-friendly nature of the fabric.

Fabric Integrity:

  • Delicate Cycle: First turn inside-out, utilize the delicate setting on your washing machine to minimize wear and tear. This gentle wash cycle ensures the fabric's antimicrobial properties and structural integrity are maintained.

Shape Retention:

  • Tumble Dry Low or Air Dry: First turn inside-out, use low heat which minimizes exposure to damaging temperatures, while air drying is the most energy-efficient and gentle method, preserving the fabric's shape and fit.

Wrinkle Prevention:

  • Avoid Ironing: The CopperActive™ fabric is designed to resist wrinkles. If necessary, first turn inside-out, use a steamer for smoothing out creases without the high heat that could damage the fabric's properties.

Chemical Avoidance:

  • No Bleach: Bleaching agents can weaken the fabric and diminish the effectiveness of the embedded copper. Stick to non-bleaching alternatives to maintain the garment's integrity.

Clean Appearance:

  • Lint Removal: Use a tape roll or lint roller to maintain a neat appearance by removing lint, hair, and other particles from the fabric surface.

Gentle Cleaning:

  • Natural Detergent: Given the natural antimicrobial properties of copper, there's no need for harsh detergents, bleach, or harsh chemicals. First turn inside-out, use a natural or mild detergent will suffice, reducing the chemical load on the fabric and the environment while still achieving a thorough clean.

By adhering to these care instructions, you can ensure that your CopperActive™ garments remain in excellent condition, preserving their performance, comfort, and extending their lifespan.