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Swiss Precision Active Inc.

Swiss Precision Active is an Eco HealthTech apparel brand that blends copper and natural organic fabrics for the medical scrub, uniform, and accessories markets. Our fabrics combine copper’s antimicrobial benefits with a design for fit and style, making them lightweight, wash durable, moisture wicking, and odor-free.

Our approach is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and focused on customer health.  Our materials blend copper with such natural organic fabrics as cotton, bamboo, and linen, all designed with an eye on style, comfort, and fit.

We believe our patented product by Swiss Precision Active is one of the first fabrics for the medical scrub, uniform, and accessories markets that kill or slow the spread of microorganisms. (Source)

With it, we solve complex apparel and consumer product problems with an environmental and sustainable approach that puts the customer’s health first, by applying high-tech performance fabric from the weave to the finishes with our textiles.

R&D, Innovation, & Tested to Disrupt a 94 Billion Dollar Industry

Swiss Precision Active have solved a bacteria and virus growth problem in medical scrub apparel market by embedding in the DNA strand of organic yarn, copper and lab tested by SGS, a global leader in testing.